Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We at is committed towards respecting the customer’s privacy and ensure to maintain the confidentiality of the personally identifiable information which is shared with us.

In order to provide you with the customized browsing information, we at might collect certain information and details related to technical information from the device which you use to access the website. This includes the contact details, location and also are required to fill the complete registration form.

Through the access to the relevant information, we are able to help you meet the ends with prospective results.

Through “Personal Information” we mean that any kind of information that is used to easily identify an individual which is not confined to the first and last name of the individual, address, email address or any other information which is required at home at home or work.

Use Of Cookies And Other Relevant Content

In order to track your online activity to provide you with the best experiences, some of our web pages aim to utilize your cookies to recall the Personal Information. However, you have a full control over the cookies and can decide whether or not you can accept it or remove them.

You are automatically notified about receiving a cookie and can easily block the cookie but whenever you block any cookie the customer will need to re-enter his/her User ID and password to gain access to the important parts of the website.

We might also collect the information related to the internet domain and host names,browsing software and time of site access. Through collecting the information and use of tracking cookies we are able to improve our website experience and website.

 Resume Information

As per the status of the profile selected by you, the resume will be made accessible to all the prospective employers. However, the jobseekers should store their resumes on our servers in order to make it searchable by the third parties, recruiters, employers etc. You can simply apply through online with the help of website and can deny the access to any other person/persons.

If the profile status is visible then chances of making the resume searchable is quite prominent. However, we don’t guarantee any assurance that the third parties shall gain any access to the resume. We also provide no guarantee on the usage of your resume by the third parties where you apply while making your profile visible.

We will also not be responsible for the privacy, secrecy and retention of your resume if you make your profile status visible. You are free to edit, update or remove your resume anytime. However, chances are that the third parties having access to our database might have retained the copy of the resume with them. We won’t be held responsible for such kinds of storage or retention.

It is your sole responsibility if anyone gains access to your resume once you make the profile visible for the third parties. If you make the profile anonymous then also the third party employer has an access to gain the resume and retain the copy of the same while getting your profile searched.

Changing Of Personal Information

You can very easily access and modify the personal information that is submitted through the convenient signing in of the website. We assure not to modify any information provided by you. Though we would recommend you to change the information on the profile as soon as the need persists.

However, if you make any public posting then you might not be able to change or remove any information or close your account. On prior request, we at will remove your personal information in accordance with the applicable laws. We will also retain all your personal information to close the account with compliance to the law.

Protection Of Customer Accounts

Password is the most vital and important key to the customer account. Under the username, you will be solely responsible for all the activities that will happen within your account and solely responsible for the legal binding of actions on our behalf.Therefore you should fully ensure to safeguard your password. If under any circumstances you share the details of your personal information to anyone you will be responsible for any misdoing.

Account Security

We fully maintain the security SUof your account. Whenever you enter your personal information we treat the data as an asset and protect it with tools to prevent any kind of unauthorized access. Although we ensure the safety but cannot guarantee 100% safety owing to the misuse of the electronic storage. In order to secure the accounts, we maintain the use of commercial tools.