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nationplacements.com is one of the best job search sites and  Career Counselling Assistance Provider  in India.It is the part of Powermind consulting solutions. It is the first skill assessment based job portal that offers free skill testing to job seekers. With more than 2 million registered candidates, out of whom 1 million are skill-tested; nationplacements.com is helping job seekers to make the step up from just being listed to getting shortlisted.

nationplacements.com free skill testing tool – Pragnya Meter – helps you to take an unlimited number of skill tests, on more than 600 skills, and to showcase your test scores to recruiters along with their profiles. This gives you a better chance of being shortlisted for over 1000 thousand job vacancies on the website. In addition to job opportunities, nationplacements.com also provides free online course mate0rial, interview questions and practice tests on more than 10 skills through its online knowledge library – E-University.

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What do all consultants need? In short, trust. This is achieved with professional presentation and the ability to communicate clearly with and potential clients. Whether you are an accountant.

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